l        Products under development / future product concepts


l       Any stage in product lifecycle


   n         User behavior pattern study


   n         Product concept user study


   n         User requirements investigation


   n        Prototype/product usability evaluation


   n         UI prototype design


Experienced Product Areas

l         Software


l         Mobile product


l       E-commerce/service


l         ATM/self-service technology


l         Mobile service


l        Website


l        Advertising


l        PC/server


l        User manual


l        Innovative digital product


l        Digital entertainment


l        Biometric device


l        Workflow software


l        Interactive TV


l        ´..


Experienced UCD Methods

l         Ethnographic field observation


l         Diary/culture probe


l       Contextual inquiry


l         Personas/scenarios


l         Focus groups


l         Interviews


l         Questionnaires


l         Card sorting


l         Prototyping


l         Usability testing

                    n         Formative  

         n         Summative


l         Listening lab


l        Heuristic evaluation


l         Cognitive walkthrough


l        ´´


Usability Lab

l         Usability lab (70 m2) C stationary and portable

        n         One-way mirror  
        n         Camtasia/Morae  
        n         7 video cameras  
        n         Bi-directional conversation  
        n         Audio/video recording facilities  
        n         Scan-converter  
        n        Picture in picture  
        n         Eye-tracking and analysis (desktop and helmet)  


l         Introduction of Usability and User Centered Design


l         User Centered Design (UCD) Methods


l       Usability Testing


l         Common Industrial Format for Usability Test Reporting C CIF (ISO 25062)