Research Areas
l         Usability study on financial self-service technologies  
l         Usability study on mobile products  

l         Information visualization for web usability analysis

l         Study on usability in physical spaces  
l         Universal design and web accessibility  
l         Client-side web user behavior monitoring and analysis  
l         Usability study on information appliances  
l         Screen reader usability for visually impaired users  
l         Study on cross-culture usability  
l         Entertainment/game usability/playability  
l         Product usability and aging  
l         E-service (travel, banking…) and usability  
l         Usability in advertising  
l         Web log data mining for usability  
l         Interactive TV usability study  
l         Usability video/audio data analysis assistant tools  
l        Avatar facilitated interaction  
l         Usability of interactive speech response (IVR) systems  
l         Product usability for kids  
l         Mobile services usability  
l         Usability study on C2C e-commerce  
l         Usability issues in digital divide  
l         User acceptance and usability of biometric technologies  
l         Workflow software user study  
l         New media (Web2.0) user experience study  
l         Usability of e-Government  
l         Design pattern based UI development  
l         Development of domain specific UI design guidelines  
l         User experience in information search  
l         ……  



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