The Sino European Usability Center C SEUC is a leading usability research and consultancy in China. It was founded in 2000 as the first usability center in this country. Its foundation was co-supported by the EU FP5 Program, EU Asia-IT&C Program and the China-EU S&T Cooperation Program of Chinese government. SEUC is based in Dalian Maritime University in Dalian that is an economic center of northeast Asia and close to Beijing, Shanghai and Seoul    

    The mission of SEUC is to promote user-centered design (UCD) practice in China so as to provide more usable and enjoyable products/services to customers in China and around world.  Aiming at this, SEUC has been dedicated to:

 l Research on usability, accessibility and human-computer interaction
 l Services on product user experience and localization
 l Training and coaching on UCD

Master and PhD program on usability/human-computer interaction


Promotion of usability and UCD in China

    SEUC is a member of UsabilityNet  - a leading international network of excellence for usability best practice and SESUN  - Sino European System Usability Network. It also worked with many other partners around the world on various projects.